Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Camp Kaitawa

On Monday when we were 1 hour away from Camp Kaitawa, we broke down, we had to wait half-an-hour before anyone came to give us a jump start. It was really boring waiting, but we finally got to camp.  After we got there, we had something out of our lunch box.  But first we had to unpack our bedding, we got into our togs and had a swim in the lake.  The lake was really cold at the start, when it was night time we went up to Lou's lookout.   It was really fun because we got to look down and see the vans and how far we walked up while we were walking.   Mrs Miler said "go to the left" but Jack went to the left a bit too much and he fell down into the hole. Bevan climbed down the hole and helped him up, it was really fun.
We did a confidence course, my trickiest thing that I did in the confidence course was the wire bridge because I kept on missing my step, my favourite part was the cargo net because I flipped at the top of it. I had lots of fun doing the confidence course. After, we went for a bush walk, it was exciting but I kept on tripping over the tree roots, then we went back to the vans.  The drivers of the vans were Miss Hill, Paul, Mike, Bevan and Byron.
We had a Master chef competition, my group came 5th, my colour was orange.  In my group, I had Marshall, Bowen, Jasmine and Leo.  For breakfast, we baked pancakes, we had like a dinner for lunch, we made spaghetti Bologna and potato chips, we had to use 3 vegies.   My group did potatoes, peas and onions.  Also, we went to Lake Wherowhero to have a kayak, we had to wear life jackets to be safe and the tubes where blown up.  It was also fun because Caitlin and I nearly capsized when we were standing up to swap over, and that was when I was in the front of the kayak, Caitlin was in the front first because she is the oldest.  Caitlin and I got stuck in the weeds, so we had to get Jack F to help us out.
We went caving with Miss Hill, we got split into two groups.  I was in the first group, the group had to wear long johns, a thermal, t-shirt, raincoat and a beanie and of cause sneakers.  In caving, we got so dirty that after the caving we had to put tarpaulins down so that we did not get the seats dirty in the vans, during the caving, we had to climb up rocks and go down rocks.  At the end we had to go down into this like 3 meter hole and it was so so so slippery.
On Friday it was our packing up day and we weren't allowed to have any breakfast until all of us were packed.  After we had breakfast, we went down to the courts to play some games, at the end we did a handstand competition and I won and Bowen came 2nd.  We got in the vans and went back to school.  I saw my mum, she was waiting for me, she was so glad to see me again, she was asking me lots of questions about camp, I want to go there again.


  1. Nice Job Rebekah, I liked how you added lots of detail in your Writing. And it looks like you had a fun time at camp.

  2. Great blog Rebekah for putting in a lot of detail in you writing and adding in how long it took to get the van up and running again.

  3. WOW!,Rebekah.I love the way that you set out your writing it really reminded me of a diary,I also loved the way that you described everything. My favourite part was when you talked about the caves.

  4. Rebekah I loved reading your writing because I had all the best bits about camp in it. I liked the photo where in the background blake looked like he wa going to throw up. NICE WORK!

  5. Rebekah, I love how much effort and passion you have put in this blog post. Great job, keep up the good work.